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Together we can dynamically navigate more effectively through the challenges and opportunities of life, manifest better relationships at home, work and in your businesses, and make a greater difference through ethical manifestation!

-Joyce Anastasia

Passionate About Inspiring Others

The vision of Lead By Wisdom is to shed light on and to inspire new ways of leadership that will empower people and Nations to bridge our original dreams into more tangible positively impacting reality with abundance. ​The mission of Lead by Wisdom is to provide vital keys to assist people in very unique and personal ways, to forge new life paths that inspire more positively impacting choices and healthier ways of being.  This is accomplished through personally targeted leadership training programs, one-on-one advisory sessions, collaborative multicultural educational programming and interactive heart-based seminars/retreats. 


With a dynamic blend of logic and intuition, Joyce Anastasia customizes her spiritual and Leadership work to evoke people's unique capacities and most conscious life paths. Through wisdom teachings and effective natural processes, she evokes their greatest strength and transformational possibilities.  This includes quantum and remote healing/viewing, past life regression, channeling, and mediumship, dream exploration and ethical manifestation from Vision to reality.  


Joyce Anastasia MA/MFA

Leadership Consultant
Organizational Excellence
Cross-Departmental / Multicultural Liaison
High Performance Teaming
Program Management
Top Talent / Excutive Advisor

Dynamic / Shared Governance
Peace Ambassador 

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