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Services We Offer

Through individual intuitive and concrete consultations, innovation group workshops, wisdom teachings, and multidimensional healing training processes, we help identify strengths and areas where transformation is needed most.  This includes Quantum and Remote Healing/Viewing, past life regression, intuitive readings, and ethical manifestation from Vision to reality.

One-On-One Advisory Sessions

With the highest degree of professional confidentiality and deep respect for integrating wholeness within each unique human being, I use a customized blend of critical thinking and intuitive insights for in-person or remote one-on-one sessions.  These are used to facilitate more effective ways to problem solve from the personal to the global, to evoke healthier ways to build wise decision-making skills, emotional intelligence, ethical co-creation, and beneficial and sometimes miraculous manifestation in your lives, with care and responsibility for others and for this planet.

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Theraphi Therapy + Meditations

No matter how conscious we might be as individuals regarding our unique “Soulprints,” we each benefit from objective feedback that helps to identify more effective, healthy, and inspiring pathways. With the documented support of ethical scientific, medical, and spiritual research, you become the focus of customized support ~ from spiritual inspiration to guided individual and global meditations, remote energy healing with Nikola Tesla devices, to suggestions for potential concrete actions. In other words, you become the co-creator of your health and well-being, transforming from the inside out, with ever-expansive understanding of your purpose on this planet.

Leadership Training Program

Have you been called to make a difference on this planet, to acknowledge the tremendous power that you were born with, by nature, to take responsibility for your use, abuse, suppression or holding sacred that gift and move more readily toward walking your ethical and spiritual talk?

If "YES,” then these trainings are for you!

These leadership programs are specifically designed to address the 7 vital keys articulated in my book Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times intended to inspire transformation in leaders everywhere-from corporate executives and heads of state to ordinary individuals-from the inside out. The primary focus is to evoke healthier choices in the use of Power, Truth, Integrity, Wholeness, and Dynamic Balance, and by rekindling a connection through the heart, we begin to consistently “Walk Our Talk,”  positively impact and transform ourselves and the systems that define our world.  The results could even be described as “Miraculous.”

Interactive Heart-Based Seminars/Retreats

Whether in-person or remote, I offer seminars and retreats to address our innate and epigenetic use of POWER, the unraveling and integration of core wounds, navigating through personal and global crises. These intensives are designed to elicit a deeper understanding of your personal gifts, integrating intuition and logic, how you impact others, and how to ethically manifest a better life and world for you and All Our Relations.  Your valuable input will help to determine the most critical topics to address during these special events.

Sacred School

    1. Divine Power & Multidimensional Higher Consciousness Exploration

        a. Remote Viewing/Healing

        b. Time Jumping

        c. Dream Expansion

        d. Shamanic Drumming

    2. Ethical Leadership & Multidisciplinary Research ~ including Science, Medicine & Education

    3. Personal-to-Global Healing Chamber ~ Global Healing Meditation/Theraphi/Feather Blessings and Sweat Lodge 

    4. Open Mystery Chamber

Sacred Wisdom School


Since childhood, I have been blessed with a beautiful vision to manifest, in divine timing, a sacred structure not yet created, with and without walls, to house initiatory trainings specifically related to our divine origins.  This sacred site/ facility addresses personal-to-planetary karma, our expanding Higher Consciousness, and our interdimensional contributions directly experienced in and among each of us ~ our Soulprints and that of planet Earth, with protection for the best and highest good.  With openness to what spirit intends to emerge, the intention is to create 3-4 expansive chambers designed within this physical building based on sacred geometry and resonant materials (especially crystals, and precious metals):




Per Session Pricing

One-on-One Strategy or Leadership Consultations are available in 1hour and 30 minute sessions.



1 hr

1/2 hr

*Group Packages

are available. 

Leadership Training Program

6 + 12 Month Programs

Includes weekly instructions, once a month teleseminar training including the Vital Keys as outlined in my book, group Q & A's, twice a month I offer one-on-one private consultations and/or small group Mastermind. Plus bonuses. 


per month

*Please inquire on discounts for full sessions and groups.

Individualized Custom Plans

Created Just For You

Helping identify strengths and areas where transformation is needed most does not always fit in a box. This includes Quantum and Remote Healing/Viewing, past life regression, Intuitive Sessions, and Ethical Manifestations from vision to reality, as well as group sessions and retreats.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

This is my current, standard pricing, for customized programs, please contact me at or call/text me at 415-322-9442.

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