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Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times: Transforming World Systems through the Hearts of Its Leaders

Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times unveils 7 Vital Keys that ignite transformation from the inside out and are essential for new forms of leadership to emerge as we face the incredible challenges and opportunities in our world today. Joyce Anastasia taps into our collective dream of a more beautiful and thriving planet by inspiring a call for leaders everywhere — from corporate executives and heads of state to ordinary individuals — to make healthier choices in their use of Power, Truth, Integrity, Wholeness and Dynamic Balance. Through compelling life experiences, Joyce reveals how to rekindle a connection through our hearts, leading us to greater wisdom, reminding us of our miraculous nature and connecting us to All That Is. The primary focus of this book is to inspire all of us to discover personal ways to positively impact who we are and transform the systems that define our world.

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“Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times by Joyce Anastasia is a masterful guide for reinventing leadership using the immense power of our hearts.  Through the use of evocative stories, quotes and practices, it helps illuminate what’s not working in our current paradigm, teaching us to share power equitably and respectfully rather than hierarchically, to honor and value diversity, to distribute authority more wisely and justly, and to speak truth to power.  In alignment with the ancient maxim “As above, so below,” this book offers astute and accessible guidance for achieving the inner transformations that result in more effective, productive and joyful leadership in our relationships, companies, communities and the world.”


Nina Simons
Co-Founder and President, Bioneers, Founder, Everywoman’s Leadership



“Gentle and yet powerful, the healing messages in this book speak with elo­quence and wisdom to the raging personal and collective dysfunction of our time.  Its essential message is one of hope and faith, with beautiful teachings drawn from the life experience of the author and many of the talented, creative people from all over the world who have shared her journey.”


Dr. Steve Borish
Author, The Land of the Living
Associate Professor of Human Development,

California State University, East Bay



“In her book, Joyce Anastasia offers us a refreshing and vital recontextualization of Leadership, by immersing readers into the interiority of it through her 7 Vital Keys.  Joyce reminds us that social change is inextricably tied to personal change, and that our ability to be consciously in touch with our body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul, provides the best form of in-the-moment leadership.”


Barry Robbins
Vice President, ITP International



“… From Machiavelli to the modern-day Koch brothers, the manipulation of power through money and influence have contributed to the decline of our natural world, and with it, much of the sustenance we depend upon.  Joyce Anastasia’s ambitious book seeks to redirect power from “Power Over” to “Power With” because, in essence, she is reaching into our own hearts and asking us to reawaken to the real power, beauty, and wholeness of Nature already surging through us - and then to realign ourselves with that larger Self.  It is that higher moral and spiritual self that wants to do the right thing; and it is this voice that needs to be spoken even in the midst of these turbulent times. In short, this is a rare book that seeks to connect the inner with the outer in deep and profound ways.  Anastasia makes effective and evocative use of personal stories, her own and others’, in a way that challenges us to boldly face the truth of what is happening in society and within our own hearts. Pure-hearted and honest, this book deserves to be read widely and takes its place in the emerging dialogue of transformative leadership.”


Glenn Aparicio Parry
Author, Original Thinking: A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature

“What is that quality that allows someone to challenge the status quo and bring up controversial subjects while assuring people all the while that some­thing promising lives on the other side?  Leadership — the sort that Joyce describes with deft elucidation.  I love that she is willing to demonstrate her own bold leadership in the course of unpacking what it entails.”


Kimberly Carter Gamble
Producer, Director, Co-Writer, globally-acclaimed documentary “Thrive”
CEO, Clear Compass Media



​“Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times is indeed a truly extraordinary book.  Joyce Anastasia dives deeply into the questions we all need to ask ourselves:  how do we honor and express our Connection with Life, our Power, Deepest Truth, Morality, Integrity, Balance, Spirit and Inspiration?  For Leaders, and that means all of us from Heads of State to parents to every individual, asking these questions for ourselves is the only real issue facing us in these times.  These are the essential questions our hearts and minds need to ask to bring the world we all desire into being for our children, grandchildren and all generations that will follow.  This is truly a no B.S. book!”


David Meggyesy
Author, Out of Their League
Former Linebacker, NFL St. Louis Cardinals – now the Arizona Cardinals



“At a time when dire circumstances call for true leaders rather than rulers, and real solutions must be based on natural principles rather than polarity politics, Joyce Anastasia offers a vital vision of the attributes each of us can develop to guide us in creating a thriving civilization.”


Foster Gamble

globally-acclaimed documentary

”Thrive” and its movement



“Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times is packed with visionary insight and lucid practical guidance.  On every page the reader feels Joyce Anastasia's compassionate intelligence offering the wisdom so urgently needed by leaders everywhere.”


James O’Dea
Global Peace Activist, Author Cultivating Peace, The Conscious Activist



“These are exceptional, extraordinary times, times of great transitions, personally and globally.  In times of great changes, we have an opportunity to chart a course different from the one we have been on, so what do we want to become personally and collectively? If we open our eyes and hearts, and see and feel, we will know that We are One, not just humanity, but All is One.  This book can point the direction for a change in our world from competitive individualism to recognition of the relatedness and interdepen­dence of ourselves and everything else.  As Joyce Anastasia says:  “It begins with each of us.”  Seven “Vital Keys” to address our greatest leadership and life challenges are identified and discussed.  I found the book very compelling and recommend it.”


Michael Three Bears Andrews
Former Major Oil Executive, Leader and Participant in Spiritual Ceremonies 

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