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Joyce Anastasia

Joyce Anastasia

Joyce Anastasia

Joyce Anastasia


  • Transformational Leadership Consultant

  • Organizational Excellence

  • Top Intuitive Executive Advisor

  • High Performance Teams

  • Cross-Departmental/Multicultural Liaison

  • Global Healing Consciousness Activator


  • Dynamic/Shared Governance

  • Natural Medicine Healing Advocate

  • Divine Peace Ambassador

Joyce Anastasia is a transformational leadership consultant, a peace ambassador of social healing and a top trusted intuitive advisor. With advanced degrees/training and extensive hands-on experiences in psychology, consciousness/psi research, creativity, and innovative business processes/governance/“global ways of leading/healing/being in the world,” Joyce evokes the best in people, encouraging “Power With” collaborations, emotional intelligence, and ethically responsible decision-making from the personal-to-global. As a confidant, bridging the seen and unseen realms, she builds relational trust with a customized blend of critical thinking and intuitive insights, together discerning the most optimal pathways for the greatest outcome.


As author of the book, Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times, and Founder of Lead By Wisdom, Joyce specifically inspires entrepreneurs, conscious/International Leaders, and “ordinary” individuals to identify their greatest visions, insights and divine gifts, to learn the most effective tools to navigate current challenges, to embrace courageous visions with their ethical implementation, and to leverage their most significant heart-based manifestation and positive impact in the world.


Joyce is a unique Global Advisor and a Transformational Leadership Consultant with over 30 years experience, who possesses a rare combination of traits, skills, tools and training. She is known for her highly intuitive, graceful yet strong, sensitive yet powerful, supportive and loving style with an ability to connect with and move people in very meaningful ways. Her education and training include: Dual Master’s degrees in Counseling Psychology and Fine Arts; Business Leadership Consulting, Certifications as a Multicultural Psychologist, Advanced Intuitive Consultant, Monroe Institute’s Outreach Trainer, Healing Practitioner and Soulful Women’s Leader; University Professor; Filmmaker For the Foundation for Global Humanity’s  transformational work; and Mediator.

Joyce’s book,
Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times, is designed to empower leaders to make the greatest positive transformation in their lives and in the World, with abundance and dynamic life balance.

So, what is it that Joyce does that enables her to help people transform themselves, reach their goals, build a stronger team and move their companies toward life–affirming choices and making that significant difference with far greater results than previously experienced?

Because of Joyce’s wide scope of knowledge, vast experience, world travels studying many diverse cultures and integration of her extensive studies, it gives her a depth of understanding that is quite unique in her field. She also works interactively with her clients to understand the mission and purpose of their lives, and helps to identify specific challenges/blocks preventing them from manifesting their greatest dreams. She evaluates what’s needed and demonstrates the vital skills necessary to design effective solutions that are customized for each individual. She then articulates those solutions in such a way as to produce the best results encouraging a shift to new ways of leading… ways that invite sacred honoring, deep listening, and other wisdom teachings, including ceremony. With great gratitude for her powerful intuitive abilities enabling her to shed light on the hidden alongside her integrity, trusting nature and deep connection to Great Spirit, Joyce is able to provide invaluable insights, when called upon, for all the people she encounters. Ultimately, this affords great clarity, deeper understanding and allows for better, more–integrated solutions.

Joyce’s primary audience is Entrepreneurs and World Business Leaders who have a big dream or vision, but at times hit upon blockages either external or internal. As a mediator for peace and a highly effective facilitator, she has led leaders and their organizations to address issues of empowerment, whole systems integration revealing our reciprocal impact on each other, the micro and macro of conflict resolution – all creating new life path choices toward conscious evolution with significant impact to positively contribute to a world that thrives.

Barbara Boucher
Owner of Leading Commercial Real Estate Company/Lead Financial Advisor

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