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Decisively shift from fear-based to loving responses as you face both the challenges and excitement of daily and world events.

COVID - The Beginning Of The Full Story

This is the beginning of my story and the unfolding life responses to “COVID” ~ Events that have rocked our World:


My whole life has been devoted to awakening human beings to a higher consciousness, focusing on global healing ~ Not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I love all sentient beings, nature, and All My Relations, as challenging as it is at times to live on this dualistic planet.


In 2018, after over two decades of a career spanning multicultural psychology, nonprofit and business leadership, and a long-term intuitive and leadership consulting practice, I was guided to pursue my PhD in natural medicine. After serving as a lead scientific manager for a pilot study on healing (putting my PhD on hold), I welcomed my colleagues, return from China in 2019.  We all got sick with a “flu” that was both uncharacteristic for me to catch and strangely tenacious ~ the longest illness I have ever had.


As the 2019 Holiday season came to a close and my extreme “flu” symptoms subsided, I was excited to enter into 2020 fully recovered, when the “pandemic” hit Wuhan, China and the rest of the World by storm.  Having already been steeped in studies, experiments, and experiences in psychology, parapsychology, and deeply spiritual healing practices, I began to research everything I could to help understand “the virus,” how to create greater immunity for more robust responses, and to share the unfolding wisdom in support of global health and wellbeing for our planet and everyone in it.


On this webpage, devoted to presenting vetted open-hearted and ethical research, data, and observations in digestible forms, I will share processes, potential solutions/practices, and new ways of being and responding (versus reacting) to help create a more beautiful World in which to live through and beyond “COVID” and/or “Pandemics” of any type.

COVID UNCOVERED: From our personal to planetary SPIRITUAL NOETIC Knowing ~ transforming beyond slave mentality to responsible highly conscious evolving Soulprints.


A SPECIAL INVITATION FOR YOU: To Walk your Divine Talk on this Sacred Planet during “COVID”


Decisively shift from fear-based to loving responses as you face both the challenges and excitement of daily and world events directly related to COVID. 


Have you been experiencing a barrage of unexpected changes due to COVID and subsequent mandates? 


Those who work with me directly have shared the impact of lost jobs, the collapse of long-standing businesses, and the unwanted separation from colleagues, classmates, family, and friends due to forced or natural decisions they have had to make.  These losses trigger our core human need to survive. 


Have any of you been triggered to feel more fear than usual? 


Fear has been generated from the outside and from within! For many people, fear has become their default response. 


Additionally, the palpable sense of the loss of community has added fuel to the fire of fear and has triggered unprecedented migration throughout the world. 


What happens to us when we are on the edge of fear or in fear on a regular basis? 


1.  Physiologically, our bodies naturally prepare us for "fight or flight,"  thousands of cells are called into action to carry hormones and chemicals, to temporarily run faster or to be strong enough to " flee or confront the fear." Unfortunately, in our current Global "crises", the fear is not as tangible as facing " lions, and tigers, and bears," so we then have to manage all those chemicals racing through our bodies.  When that stress response is held for too long, it damages our cells and burdens our bodies; it contributes in unhealthy ways to dis-ease and reduces our natural healthy immune responses.


You see where this cycle is going Fear>Stress>Suppressed Immunity/Dis-EASE>Stress>Fear.


2.  Emotional/Psychological stress from excessive fear can lead to anxiety, depression, and reactive behavior at home and during work.  Studies have already demonstrated that these Global crises and fear responses seem to be correlated with unprecedented increases in PTSD, substance abuse, domestic violence, crime rate, suicides, etc. 


3.  Relationally/Spiritually ~ When fear takes precedence, sometimes people lose faith in themselves, others, and the Divine (God Source, All That Is).  People who have been referred to me will often speak about their concerns as "spiritual crises." 


How can we transform this within ourselves and others? 


My call to action is this:  Shift from Fear to ethically loving responses! 


Why and how can we do this? 


The following is a summary of how I work: 


1. Physiologically, we each can shift directly out of that fear-stress-dis-ease cycle and build our immunity. 


What is your greatest physiological challenge? 


These will be addressed co-creatively and intuitively through training, knowledge/wisdom education, practices, and processes customized for you. 


2.  Emotionally/Psychologically ~ New approaches in handling our own emotional gifts will help to shift our ingrained beliefs.  Long-held unhealthy beliefs will be addressed when needed. Customized processes will be selected for your unique Soul's expression.  They include the following and many more:  Brain-heart coherence, Quantum, and Remote healing, tapping, healthy grieving/forgiveness ceremonies, and meditations (silent, guided, culturally specific, etc.), as well as hypnosis, regression, and Future visioning. 


3.  Relational/Spiritual ~ When we focus on our core purpose and collaborative expression, new neuropathways develop and the capacity to re-remember connections to All Our Relations naturally begin to emerge. This includes how we relate to others, how we lead our lives and ultimately how we'd like to make a difference in the world - small or large. 


Especially as we face COVID internationally and multi-dimensionally, my work addresses how you envision walking your optimal life on this planet and how your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and actions can positively impact and manifest miraculous outcomes, without harm or undue stress.


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Edward Dowd Explains Bombshell ‘Fraud’ Charge re Pfizer Hiding Deaths Data

Edward Dowd Explains Bombshell ‘Fraud’ Charge re Pfizer Hiding Deaths Data

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