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Evoking Your Vision, Insights, and Divine Gifts to Create Powerful Heart-Based Impact in the World

Are You Leading By Wisdom?

The mission of Lead by Wisdom is to provide vital keys to assist people in very unique and personal ways, to forge new life paths that inspire more positively impacting choices and healthier ways of being. 

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Joyce Anastasia MA/MFA

With a dynamic blend of logic and intuition, Joyce Anastasia customizes her spiritual and Leadership work to evoke people's unique capacities and most conscious life paths. Through wisdom teachings and effective natural processes, she encourages their greatest strength and transformational possibilities. This includes quantum and remote healing/viewing, past life regression, divine intuitive sessions, dream exploration and ethical manifestation from Vision to reality. 


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Foster Gamble

Foster Gamble

"At a time when dire circumstances call for true leaders rather than rulers, and real solutions must be based on natural principles rather than polarity politics, Joyce Anastasia offers a vital vision of the attributes each of us can develop to guide us in creating a thriving civilization.”


  • I heard you do both logical concrete and intuitive sessions ~ how does that work with my initial consultation?
    Most people who are initially referred to me for an intuitive session use the entire time for that trance-state transmission. If people choose to continue for additional consultations to support their life and work, I encouraged them to request a portion of the session to be devoted to concrete processing of the current concerns or focused issues. Intuitive information will also emerge during that time. The remainder of the session will be devoted to the deeper intuitive dive in a trance state. For individuals who enter a session requesting a logical concrete exploration of issues, I will dynamically incorporate my intuitive insights and will not move into trance unless specifically requested to do so. [ Most people who receive multiple sessions sincerely appreciate the combination of concrete logical and intuitive approaches allowing for a wonderful integration toward powerful and ethical manifestations for the most beneficial outcomes. ]
  • During your intuitive sessions, who do you "channel" and from whom do you receive your messages?
    When I go deep into trance, I asked that my biases, personality, and filters be set aside to receive messages from ancestors who have passed,Great Spirit, Divine Source, God Source, ALL THAT IS spiritual and Angelic guides (those who come to me and those who support each client), and Master Teachers (i.e. Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, Paramahansa Yogananda and those of his lineage, Krishna, and many more).
  • What makes your intuitive sessions unique?
    I serve as a bridge between the Seen and the Unseen (my given Native name is "Eagle Heart Bridge"). My focus is devoted to Loving ethical support for my clients. This means that I will not judge and will be deeply respectful of their essential being, life, and work in the world. With a blend of conscious loving resonance for Humanity, all sentient beings, our planet, and Beyond, I encourage transparency and openness to the messages that will be delivered. I also actively listen to the messages and deliver those that are most relevant even when it may or may not be what the person wants to hear. The messages delivered typically attend to individual decision-making that involves the selection (with free will) of potential Pathways for the highest and best outcome.
  • How often do your clients schedule consultations?
    This is mutually determined with each client. I help to assess how much time might be needed and whether a package of sessions or a six-month or year-long training would best serve. Some seek consultations every 6-months, while other clients request weekly or regular sessions especially because of the dynamic changes in their lives or that they might serve as Leaders of large organizations or they are making decisions that require objective feedback outside of family or other influences. The number of reasons is as wide and varied as there are people in the world.
  • How long are your sessions?
    This depends on whether a consultation is related to an individual, family, C-suite or organizational team. Groups are customized. Individual sessions are typically one hour long. If requested, the session can be extended if scheduling permits.
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